NYT Critic Apoplectic Re. ‘October Baby’

But this G-rated road trip is only an appetizer: the film’s pièce de résistance arrives in the haunted form of Jasmine Guy, playing the clinic nurse who assisted at Hannah’s birth. Her pivotal speech, a gory portrait of fetal mutilation and maternal distress, conjures a vision of medical hackery that is clearly intended to terrify young women — and fits right in with proposed state laws that increasingly turn the screws on a woman’s dominion over her reproductive system.


The mistake pro abortion people make is that a baby is part of a woman’s reproductive system. A baby is a human being with a soul. At the moment of conception we are all separate people, entitled to our first inalienable right to life. Protection of life is moral and constitutional.

Live with it.

reproductive system

via ‘October Baby,’ With Jasmine Guy and John Schneider – NYTimes.com.

Predictable As Next Sunrise, Jesse Jackson Inserts Himself Into Trayvon Martin Tragedy

Hi, I’m Jesse. I’m here to help you help me become more famous so that my life has meaning.

Trayvon Martin case: Rev. Jesse Jackson says it’s evidence that “Blacks are under attack” in America. – latimes.com.

Mrs. Complainer-In-Chief: President’s Grandmother (VP of Bank) Faced Gender Bias

What must life be like to never have a single good thing to say about the country that gave you so much?

Michelle Obama: President’s Grandmother VP of ‘Little Bitty Community Bank’ Faced Gender Bias | CNSNews.com.

Firm sells solar panels – to itself, taxpayers pay

And the hits just keep on coming. I wonder if we’ll actually hear the crash when it happens.

“First Solar is an Arizona-based manufacturer of solar panels. In 2010, the Obama administration awarded the company $16.3 million to expand its factory in Ohio — a subsidy Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland touted in his failed re-election bid that year.

Five weeks before the 2010 election, Strickland announced more than a million dollars in job training grants to First Solar. The Ohio Department of Development also lent First Solar $5 million, and the state’s Air Quality Development Authority gave the company an additional $10 million loan.

After First Solar pocketed this $17.3 million in government grants and $15 million in government loans, Ex-Im entered the scene.

In September 2011, Ex-Im approved $455.7 million in loan guarantees to subsidize the sale of solar panels to two wind farms in Canada. That means if the wind farm ever defaults, the taxpayers pick up the tab, ensuring First Solar gets paid.

But the buyer, in this case, was First Solar.

A small corporation called St. Clair Solar owned the wind farm and was the Canadian company buying First Solar’s panels. But St. Clair Solar was a wholly owned subsidiary of First Solar. So, basically, First Solar was shipping its own solar panels from Ohio to a solar farm it owned in Canada, and the U.S. taxpayers were subsidizing this “export.”

via Firm sells solar panels – to itself, taxpayers pay | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner.