Are you racist? Have you ever uttered the following words. . .?

THE LIST · · · · · · · · ·

Any Political Opposition to President Obama • “Articulate”Asking Attorney General Eric Holder about Fast & FuriousAsking President Obama to Postpone a Speech • Asking to See President Obama’s College TranscriptsAvoiding Dangerous Neighborhoods“Blackboard”“Black Clouds”“Black Friday”“Black Hole”“Black Sheep of the Family” • “Blah” • “Break”“Brother” • Calling President Obama the “Entertainer-in-Chief” • Calling Juan Williams “Juan” • Calling President Obama a “Professor”Cheap Toys • Colorblind Societies“Community organizer”Connecting Obama with Racists • “Cornbread”“Cotton Pickin’” • Criticizing CongressDeclining Support for Failed Policies • Devil’s Food CakeDeath PenaltyDoubting Donovan McNabb • Enforcing Immigration Laws • “Food Stamp President”“Founding Fathers”Fox News • Florida’s Comprehensive Assessment Test • Giving a Poor Black Woman $50Giving Poor High School Kids a JobHallmark CardsHerman Cain Saying Black Americans are Brainwashed • “Hip-Hop”Holding a Republican Debate on MLK DayInvestigating Rep. Laura Richardson“Illegal”“Illegal Alien”Joking About President Obama’s Birth CertificateLimiting Union Power • “Magic Negro” • “Niggardly” • Not Caring about the Very PoorNot Liking “Cop Killer Rappers” Performing in the White House • “Old-fashioned American values” • Old White People Who Didn’t Vote for President ObamaOpposition to Debt Limit Increases • Opposition to the Occupy MovementOpposition to EarmarksOpposition to Spending Food Stamps at Strip Clubs and Casinos • Owning a GunPhotoshopping Michelle Obama Into Royalty“Picnic”Planet of the Apes“Privileged” • Pointing Your Finger“Poor Work Ethic” • Protesting ObamaCare  • Quoting Barack ObamaReferring to President Obama By Just His Last Name • Republican Tax PolicyRequiring a College Degree for a Job • Resisting TSA Groping • Saying Michelle Obama has a “Large Posterior” • Saying Another Black Man Resembles President Obama • Saying Welfare Hurt Black People More Than SlaverySchool Vouchers“Shackles”“Shucky-ducky”“Socialist”  • “States Rights”Staying Open on MLK Day • Supporting Herman Cain • Supporting Newt Gingrich While Being in the Tea Party • “Tar Baby”  • The American Flag • “The Constitution”The Private SectorThe Republican Party (given) • The Tea Party (‘natch) • The TSA • The Wisconsin Budget • Traffic Laws • “Union Boss”  • “Uppity-ism”  • Using President Obama’s Middle Name • Voter ID Laws •  Wanting Smaller Government • War on Drugs“Water Buffalo”White Frog PrincesWhite People“YOU LIE!”“You Mad Bro?”

Now Racist In The U.S..

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