Please add Emily Letts to your prayers. She filmed her abortion, and called it “positive.”

If you are pro life, you are feeling ultimate sadness and an equal amount of anger. Fury, even.

If you pray, I ask you to pray for Emily’s soul. You must understand the void in this woman’s life, a darkness so great she would call ending an innocent baby’s life “a positive story.”

God bless her. She’s going to need it.

If you are pro-life and haven’t donated to Gosnell Movie, please donate now. Even $1 will help

Two weeks left, friends. Let’s do it!

I will never encourage you to donate if I haven’t so, in full disclosure, my wife and I donated $25.

**You will get your money back if the goal of $2.1MM is not achieved**

Gosnell Movie | Indiegogo.

Weapons-grade arrogance, and translucent skin: @barackobama’s @whitehouse asked Dr. Ben Carson to call Obama and ‘apologize for offending him’

What. A. Wuss.

The White House wanted Dr. Ben Carson to call Obama and ‘apologize for offending him’.

Re. Justina Pelletier, Parents File Habeas Corpus pleading. Mind wandering to an alternate solution

Let’s say you’re a Special Force operative, current or former,  Army Delta or Ranger, Navy SEAL, etc. And let’s say you knew that the state of Massachusetts and Department of Children and Families abducted this poor girl and took her from her family. I’m thinking the extraction of a certain girl from tryants would be a worthwhile extra-curricular activity.

I’m aware of the potential consequences of a successful or unsuccessful “re-abduction,” but if planned and executed well, I’m thinking a solid group of operators would be able to get Justina back in the medical care of the professionals her mom and dad trust, and back where her mom and dad can see her whenever they like.

Let a man dream, will you?

If nothing else, pray for the Pelletier family, and please donate to


Justina Pelletier’s Parents File Emergency Petition With Supreme Court to Regain Custody |