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The tragedy of language is its power. The glory of language is its power. We are its servants or masters. Choose one.

It’s a common saying that the Left owns the language. In my view, it’s not that they have exclusive rights to it but rather they butcher the true meaning of words into unrecognizable but palatable chunks, and toss them to a willing crowd, including the media. This has to stop.

Communication requires any message to have a sender and receiver. If one of those doesn’t exist, no communication exists. For example, multiple groups on the Left say the act of intentionally killing an innocent baby is “choice” and “reproductive health” while omitting any utterance of the murder of an innocent baby. The same can be said for the Obama Administration deeming terrorist acts occurring on foreign soil as “overseas contingent operations,” and the attack at Fort Hood as “workplace violence.” While we don’t accept the premise of abortion or that terrorism shouldn’t be called anything but what it is, many on our side skip over the choice of language and get to the core of the argument. We have, unwittingly, accepted their message. For too long, this method has worked.

If you don’t think a crowd can easily be swayed using language, recall in 1995 during the OJ trial. Referring to the bloody glove, Johnnie Cochran repeatedly chanted that utterly stupid but effective line “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” Multiple facts about the case of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were much more important to the case than the glove, but that was the phrase seared into the jury’s mind. I almost felt sorry for the prosecution.

A fresh example in the language battle occurred early this week when on Tuesday, Senator Dianne Feinstein (CA) and other Democrats released a delayed report detailing the techniques used by the CIA and other intelligence agencies to get information from our enemies. The Left, their down-with-America guns at the ready, accused the US of committing heinous acts of “torture.”

Stop there. What if, before any back and forth gets going, we don’t accept their choice of words?

On one hand we have monsters — almost exclusively Muslim fundamentalists — who torture non-Muslims or anyone they deem the wrong kind of Muslims. This is real torture, and we have but to spend a little time on the Web to behold the horror of what so many innocents have endured — breaking or burning limbs, electric shocks, pulling off fingernails or toenails, beheading, hanging, etc. They do this because they believe their god and prophet tell them to.

On the other hand we have personnel from our military or intelligence community who capture an enemy and, as part of a complex set of both psychological and physical procedures known to be effective at gleaning valuable information, may have to resort to unpleasant but not life or limb-threatening acts. They do this to aid in the capture of more valuable targets and keep ourselves, our allies, and — novel concept — a native population safe. Are these techniques unpleasant? Only a fool would say no. Are they painful? Probably.

What we do to enemies is not torture, and I plead with all conservatives and Republicans (damn you, GOP, for forcing me into that distinction) to stop Leftists in their tracks before the debate goes further, whether in this debate or any other. Take back the language, stop to clarify words, and put proper meaning where it belongs.

Put another way, as Rush Limbaugh said this week, is it torture to have to decide between ending your life by burning at 700-800 degrees Fahrenheit or jumping from the 97th floor of a building, pleading with God to take you before you hit the pavement? Is it torture to be a family member or friend of someone who had to make that decision? Or is it torture to be sleep deprived, wear adult diapers, and have Metallica blasted in your cell?

The lesson about the power of language is this: Be aware. If we know we’re being played, we are no longer being played.

My latest at @Clash_Daily, re the prospect of Jeb Bush

Two words will guarantee a 2016 loss for liberty, and boost the odds of America’s demise: Jeb Bush.

We didn’t win much in last month’s midterm election, did we (that’s not a question). Sure, we may have taken our foot off the gas a bit, perhaps preventing or at least delaying a full-on dictatorship, but it’s clear our Republican “leaders” are nothing of the kind. Only a scant few have the guts to actually stop Obama from further decimating our beloved America. On that note, I’m no longer convinced fear is the thing keeping Republicans from fulfilling their campaign promises.

Until a conservative (not just Republican) majority in the House and Senate is firmly in place, Obamacare is here to stay. Our record debt, currently at $18 trillion and rising, is here to stay. EPA regulations, choking out our coal and other industries, are here to stay. Everything else that stifles innovation and individual liberty is here to stay.

Barack Obama is our most successful president. Tell me, what has Obama set out to do that he has not done? Behold the disaster.

Elections are suppose to counter such disasters, but winning these elections mean nothing if those in office either agree with Obama or are too afraid to act. We just “won” last month and not just a win but a historical butt kicking. So while we might think we can take a breather before firing up the next electoral season, alas, we have to get busy right now. So let’s look to 2016 and the candidates already popping up.

There will be plenty of time to go over the candidates we like, which is a more difficult and engaging process. The easier task is cutting out the ones we don’t like. Which brings me to Jeb Bush and a stark reminder of how we’ve been here before.

At the Wall Street Journal CEO Council this week, Bush made what amounts to remarks regarding candidacy. Below is a brief transcript, but take a look at this 45-second video:

So I’m thinking about running for president. And, um, I don’t know if I’d be a good candidate or a bad one. I kind of know how a Republican can win, whether it’s me or somebody else, and it has to be much more uplifting, much more positive, much more willing to, you know, to be practical now in Washington-world, lose the primary to win the general without violating your principles.”

There’s nothing like pumping up your voter base with white hot desire, intention, and eloquence. I don’t think I’ve been this inspired since drawing #370 at the DMV. I’ll grant that his statements weren’t entirely prepared — no wait, they were prepared. You don’t present yourself before a crowd of any size or type that is expecting you to talk unless you have your words prepared — at least extemporaneously. And this man is our best hope for the presidency?

It’s not just that he sounds either bored, or entitled (akin to Hillary Clinton), but Jeb Bush doubles, triples, and quadruples down on his adoration for amnesty and the federalizing of our children’s education curriculum (Common Core).

I am not in the prediction game; I learned that hard lesson when I predicted Sarah Palin would run — and win — in 2012. But we have but to look at history and see what happens when we raise up as our candidate a man who doesn’t appear to like or respect his voting base and who, in a side-by-side comparison to Hillary Clinton, makes no attempt to separate himself from the competition.

We loyal Republicans plugged our noses and voted for Dole while too many stayed home. We got Bill Clinton. We loyal Republicans plugged our noses and voted for McCain while too many stayed home. We got Barack Obama. We loyal Republicans plugged our noses and voted for voted for Romney while too many stayed home. We got Obama again.

Early on and as loud as we can, if we don’t say no to non-conservatives like Chris Christie, an allegedly revived Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Jeb Bush, and the like, millions more will stay home and we’ll have Hillary or Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren as our next Commander In Chief.

Is this a purity test? Yes, because far too long we haven’t properly screened our candidates, and it is way past time we stop letting media organizations like the New York Times (endorsed McCain) and people like Karl Rove (“[Insert RINO candidate name here] is the only one who can win”) tell us who should lead our country .

A true conservative will win. Let him or her come forward and be recognized.

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